EXIDE is the original

Many of the largest vehicle manufacturers choose batteries from Exide Technologies. Make sure your vehicle performs as good as new – choose the original!

Exide Technologies is world leading in batteries. That’s a position we have reached by having a no compromise attitude when it comes to quality and performance. We always use the latest technology to keep our position and supply our customers with the number one batteries on the market. We continuously improve our products to ensure that they always are state-of-the-art.

Exide Technologies has a wide range of batteries covering all needs – from cars and heavy vehicles to marine use and golf carts. The right battery for you naturally depends on how you are going to use it!

Batteries available in Exide Technologies prime brands.

  • Cars

    Innovative battery solutions for the independent aftermarket Exide is introducing the next generation of light vehicle batteries to the aftermarket. Many ideas found in the new range were first developed in our original equipment business, where we design batteries for leading carmakers. The pioneering new range was designed to support the latest technologies, including Start-Stop
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  • Truck and bus

    For heavy vehicles with high energy demanding equipment, Exide Technologies have developed a range of very reliable batteries. These batteries are made for high performance and extended periods of use.

  • Marine

    On board, safety and comfort during navigation depend on the electrical supply to boat equipment. Usually provided by batteries, the supply is capable of powering key operations such as engine start, radio/GPS supply and navigation lighting. As efficient energy storage is crucial to keep the boat moving, EXIDE presents the new MARINE battery offer, able
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    Holiday-makers in caravans and motorhomes depend on power for the caravan’s or motorhome’s equipment for a safe and pleasant journey. Usually it is batteries for powering essential functions such as refrigerators, water pumps, radio, GPS, heating systems and air conditioning. Exide’s new Multifit range ensures that the equipment works properly and meets the needs of
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  • Motorcycle

    Motorcycle batteries are of course used in motorcycles, but also in snowmobiles, jetski’s, garden tractors, lawn mowers, four-wheel vehicles and mopeds. The choice of battery depends on your needs and your style of driving. Whether you are driving on the main European motorways or on small forest roads, your dealer will help you to make
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    Exide Garden Batteries for garden mashines


    Exide MAXXIMA can be used in cars, agri-and-construction machines, boats and other applications requiring extreme starting power Superior starting power Fast recharge Maintenance free


    Tudor Deep Cycle


    COMPACT ENERGY THAT LASTS Powerfit are reliable energy sources that can be used in many applications. They are valve regulated batteries of the AGM type. This means all the advantages of a lead battery: long life, high charge acceptance, even power supply and low self-discharge. Powerfit is maintenance free and withstands vibration. Also, the batteries
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    Batteries with special performance   Exide has a wide range of batteries with special performances AGM, EFB and Gel batteries are developed for extreme conditions such as cars with start-stop applications, boats and caravans with deep cycling needs and police and ambulances with special requirements for electrical equipment.

  • Chargers

    STAY IN CONTROL With an Exide charger, you never need to worry whether your sports car will start for its first spring run or whether your motorcycle battery is charged. You have full control and avoid unpleasant surprises. Exide has applied the latest technology to make a battery charger that lives up to the high
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    Exide offers a broad range of useful products connected with battery use. These products are especially developed to be compatible with Exide’s battery range and are of course of the same high quality. Exide accessories that are manufactured by other producers are as carefully selected and high quality as if they were our own. Please
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