EXIDE 12/7

The Exide 12/7 charger (12 V, 7 A) is a modern, high-power battery charger. It is the ideal, cost-effective charger for users who have high demands on fast, powerful charging of all batteries up to 150 Ah. The charger is fully automatic and programmed for advanced charging in five steps. It provides optimum charging of standard batteries, as well as AGM and Gel.

The Exide 12/7 has a broad range of applications, from car and motorcycle batteries to boat, caravan and tractor batteries. It has a built-in temperature compensator that adjusts the charge power depending on the surrounding temperature and prevents overheating. In Power Supply mode, the charger can also be used for a constant power supply or maintenance charging. The charger is spark-proof and protected against faulty assembly and battery faults.