Motorcycle batteries are of course used in motorcycles, but also in snowmobiles, jetski’s, garden tractors, lawn mowers, four-wheel vehicles and mopeds. The choice of battery depends on your needs and your style of driving. Whether you are driving on the main European motorways or on small forest roads, your dealer will help you to make the right choice!


    A service free battery delivered with the right amount of electrolyte from the factory. Exide Factory Sealed is suitable for vehicles where the battery is placed in a hard to reach position. The battery will never need refilling. Only available as 12 V.


    Exide Maintenance Free is a sealed battery (AGM technology) that is ready to use. The battery is ideal for hard to reach battery positions and is more durable than standard batteries. Exide Maintenance Free is built for tough conditions and is well suited for off-road driving and use in snowmobiles. The battery will never need
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    Exide Conventional is a standard battery suitable for normal driving. The battery is used for highway driving. Available in two sizes – 6 V and 12 V.