The new Premium Carbon Boost battery recharges up to 1.5 times faster due to Exide’s proprietary application of
carbon additives on the negative plates. This technique was discovered during the development of our AGM
and EFB ranges, leading to improved charge acceptance and a significant reduction in charging times.
The Premium Carbon Boost battery is designed to withstand extreme temperature, power-hungry electrical
equipment and intensive urban driving.


›› 30% extra starting power
›› Recharges up to 1.5 times faster
›› Ideal for highly equipped cars with powerful engines
and demanding electrical needs
›› Ideal for extreme weather and urban driving conditions
›› Original equipment experience inside
›› Meets OE requirements
›› Comprehensive range covering around 90% of car parc


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During discharge, non-conductive sulphate particles progressively
cover the negative plates, isolating them from the electrolyte.
This means a lot of the energy intended to recharge the
battery is needed to dissolve the sulphate, which makes charging
less efficient. The high-surfaced carbon additives in Exide’s
Premium Carbon Boost battery provide superior conductivity,
dissolving the sulphate particles much faster.





Premium Carbon Boost has improved charge
acceptance and recharges up to 1.5 times faster
than standard batteries. While battery failure
remains the number one cause of car breakdowns,
fast recharging considerably reduces the risk of
breakdowns by helping the battery retain a healthy
state of charge for longer.